A Moment of Deep Connection with a Stranger

By: | Posted in: Connection with Nature, Connection with Self, Grief Emotions | Sunday, Oct 1, 2017 - 4:16pm

I miss everybody.  Do you?  I miss deep connection with loved ones.  Most of my relatives are dead.  I do not look forward to when my friends will follow that path, if I don’t go first.

With my restlessness, the other day, I went for a walk in the woods, to talk to a few of my favorite trees and see what messages I might receive.  It would bring a sense of connection, with nature, (more…)

Intimate Breathing with Trees

By: | Posted in: Connection with Nature, Connection with Self | Thursday, Apr 20, 2017 - 4:18pm
Breathing with Trees

I was standing with my favorite tree one day and suddenly wondered:

Would I feel more connected if I actually used my body to connect with nature.  I know that trees give off oxygen for us to breathe and we give carbon dioxide to them.  I know this reciprocal relationship on an intellectual level.

But what if I opened my senses and consciously breathed with the trees?  So, leaning against the tree, I asked (more…)

Car Connection – Conversing with your Car

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Do you believe in connecting and conversing with your car, that you can talk and it listens?  Is it capable of offering advice? Lots of men seem to talk to their machines, but do they listen for any response?

So here is the part you might think is flaky.  I will get to the science later.

I am becoming convinced that I can delay or stop repairs on my car by talking to it. I had an incident 2 or 3 years ago where it all of a sudden it had strong jerks and hesitations. The check engine light came on.  The local garage thought I needed a new engine but I was in a small town so I drove it for 5 hours back to my current home base, and along  (more…)

Happiness by Talking to a Tree

By: | Posted in: Connection with Plants, Connection with Self | Tuesday, Oct 27, 2015 - 8:36pm

Have you ever thought you might gain some happiness by talking to a tree?  That you could gain wisdom or lighten your mood?

Well, my body really craved a walk the other day.  After aching hours on the computer, it really needed some motion.

My body led me to a beautiful local falls in the small town I recently moved to.  I often get led there, even though the view is the same.

But it really isn’t the same, is it?  I may meet an animal or a person. The lighting may be different. How is the sun shining on the water today? Is there a spray off the falls?   I always notice something different.

And I go into some kind of zone.

I was standing looking at the falls and saw a birch tree in front of me hanging off the edge of the gorge. I decided to (more…)

Decluttering the Past

By: | Posted in: Connection with Self | Monday, Jul 27, 2015 - 5:01pm

Have you ever found it difficult to let go of items that belonged to your parents or loved ones, after they have gone? Are you afraid, somehow, that if you let their belongings go, you will forget them? You will no longer have reminders of them? Does this resistance to decluttering your past keep you trapped there?

I have done this so many times now.  I’ve gradually let go of most of my parent’s belongings. It has helped that I have moved around a lot and even been fairly transient for several years.  There is nothing like living out of a car, and rooming and boarding, to help you realize how little you really need.  Of course you need a little more “stuff” to set up your own place.  And for me, I still have lots of books and some mementos.

For the last several years, I have been trying to detach from a piece of family property.  It is piece of bush along a (more…)

Road Trip to Self-discovery

By: | Posted in: Connection with Self | Monday, Jun 15, 2015 - 4:38pm

Have you ever taken a road trip to self?  Have you found that as the miles passed by, you discovered new insights about yourself or had old memories just pop in out of nowhere? Has the landscape you’ve passed through had any messages for you?

I have been on a road trip for the past month, learning new things, meeting new friends and visiting old friends. I am sitting in one place for the moment to make a decision about another big step in my life.  Then I will return to where my stuff is, pack up and move to another location. I have been alone in this, which I think is necessary for learning about self. (more…)

Name and Self-image

By: | Posted in: Connection with Self | Tuesday, Mar 24, 2015 - 4:21pm

Recently I changed what I want to be called.  Have you ever considered changing your name, hoping that it will make you feel different about yourself and the world? Would it change your self-image or the way that others see you and respond to you?  Would you communicate and act differently?

For me, I just had a strong, sudden feeling I wanted to be called Maggie.  My name is Margaret Ann, so it is not a difficult transition, from Ann to Maggie, a version of Margaret.

After I kept getting this urge, I consulted someone on what difference it would make energetically.  She referred me to a numerologist.  I must admit I had never really considered the energetics of doing this until very recently. After the numerology session, though, I decided to go ahead, changing my online presence and informing people.  I don’t have to change anything legally. (more…)

Structure of Tears and Emotions

By: | Posted in: Connection with Self | Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014 - 10:30am

Have you ever wondered about the structure and quality of tears? And why they vary with many different emotions? Well, it turns out that the structure of tears is different for different feelings. I was thinking about this after my latest bout of tears.

I was driving back to where I currently live after still not finding where I want to move. It was a beautiful sunny day on the wide open prairie. I was very discouraged and scared. I don’t feel like I belong anywhere.  How will I find that place, that landscape, that town, that community  and that climate that feels right and which I can afford? (more…)