Here are what some wonderful people say about working with me:

“Working with Maggie, I have gone from feeling stuck, somewhat numb and cut off, to finding peace and the ability to move forward in my life. Maggie’s work is simple and profound, amazing and magical. She uses  numerous helpful tools, some of which I can use on my own. But the “secret formula” is Maggie herself – her gentle, wise, respectful, non-intrusive presence offers a safe and nurturing environment for growth.” Marguerite Webb, Certified Energy Practitioner. Edmonton AB

“I felt very safe and comfortable with Maggie’s guidance.  I had a pleasant connection with my brother, who passed away over 20 years ago. It felt like old times with him.  We were kidding and having fun with each other.  Following the process with Maggie, I experienced more laughter and joy in my life. I felt less inhibited and more inspired. Thank you Maggie for offering  simplicity and professionalism.” CS.  Pictou NS

“Recently my partner developed a new friendship. I noticed myself starting to feel jealous about it and I knew that this jealously had nothing to do with them but was something being triggered in me. I also knew that if I didn’t deal with it, the jealousy had a potential to negatively impact my relationship with my partner. As Maggie worked with me, it became clear that the underlying core issue for me was an old theme of believing I was not good enough. After working with Maggie and using the tools she suggested, I noticed that the feelings of jealousy were gone and I could actually see the gifts of the new friendship for all of us. Something that had felt threatening to me had shifted into gratitude. Jealousy is just not an issue anymore!” DK. Saskatoon SK

“Maggie led me through a guided introspection healing process that brought me a great sense of peace, which was obvious to friends and family. I am able to let go of things and feelings that bother me more now than ever before. My life has been transformed, opportunities have opened up for me, a whole new world has appeared and I am trusting more. I am most thankful to Maggie for this gracious opportunity.” MT. Pictou NS

“Maggie helped me align with my guidance, and with great presence held the space for me.  She tuned in, paid attention and listened to where the energy was in the words I was speaking. She then allowed the process to go where it was supposed to go. I especially appreciated that she did not try to interpret any content that came up. The synchronicity that followed the next day was a delight.” Anne. Saskatoon SK

“When people meet me for the first time, they often tell me I seem so even-keeled, so happy, so alive.  This always takes me by surprise! I tell them I haven’t always been this way and that the secret is simple: Maggie helped me change my life in deeply profound ways. When I came to her I was overweight, anxiety ridden and struggling  with many emotional issues that dogged me for years. Now, looking back, I hardly recognize that person and can hardly believe that I had the good fortune to meet Maggie.  Without her expertise, care and commitment to my well-being, none of this would have been possible.  Maggie, I can never thank you enough.” RVK. Regina SK

“My name is Kelli. I want you to know that Maggie loves animals and has treated me and a few of my friends in natural ways so that we have fewer visits to the vet. It is much less scary. She also helps people who lose their companions with their grief and loss. We can communicate between energetic worlds now that I am gone.” Kelli-Ann, beloved companion

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