Nature’s Beauty

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Where do you find nature’s beauty?  In what landscape, season, time of day? In what weather?

Last winter  I was driving through the mountains trying to outrun a snowstorm that was predicted to arrive. I tend to be quite chicken about driving through weather.  Why is that?  I drove through snow and ice storms all the time when I was in my 20’s. Do we just think we are invincible at that age? Or do we acquire layers of fear over our lives, through different experiences and relationships.  That is really another story, though.

So I drove through heavy rain, rain-snow mix, snow and heavy fog. But the pavement didn’t freeze.  For some reason I was not all that nervous, except for one short period, where all of a sudden I worried about money again. Don’t we all?
Nature's Beauty

What I felt most of the time was happiness. I didn’t know where I was going to live or how I was really going to make a go of it, but I felt happy. The mountains and the trees seem to welcome and enfold me.  Even in the rain and snow, everything was beautiful. I didn’t have a care in the world.

So even in the uncertain conditions, there was beauty all around.  Are we not just naturally drawn to beauty – in poetry, art and music too? Why have we forgotten how important beauty is to our health and our soul. Nature is a huge provider of beauty. It nourishes us and makes us feel at home.

Why have we created such ugliness in the world?

I would love to hear your comments about the beauty of nature.

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