Mountain Message

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The following is a message I received while in the Rocky Mountains of western Canada.

Mountain Message:

I have been here for millions and millions of years.   Eons. Before that I was flat. If you look at my striations, my layers, you can see as they reach up into the sky that they used to be flat on the earth.

And since this meeting of plates that caused us to be born, you cannot even imagine what we’ve seen.  Humans are really recent and they are becoming too many. Your time of  vast numbers is almost over in our timeline.  That may
or may not be in your lifetime.

We are rock, we are solid, we are immovable.

Look at our strength.  There is no judgement here.  Just being.  We are here.  We have snow on our peaks at times, which provide water to the rivers.  We provide challenges for people, although that is not our intent.  It is just that we exist.

Canmore Mt 2015-07-15 02.28.47If you look at our slopes, you can see that the rock is bare.  Nothing can survive here if the mountain is high enough. And you will also see trees, evergreens, clasping our sides in the most odd places.  Their seeds landed here and they managed to live and survive on our deep cliffs. And as you descend, there are forest communities.

There are all kinds of creatures living on us.  We are not here to support humans.  We are just here.  And life is just life.  And sometimes humans blast holes in us, build cities and villages on us.  That is okay – we still are. In areas of the eastern U.S., they take our tops off to get coal. That is total disrespect for our being and our spirit. Humans can be very selfish and greedy. And that is why you will not continue to exist in very large numbers.  There is no judgement here.  It just is. The balance is gone. The balance of climate is also gone – not totally human fault, but helped along by humans.

The Earth has been through many severe changes overtime – the creation of us being one of them. Inland seas being another. Humans should not be so arrogant to think that they can control nature and the Earth. It is best is to be part of  the earth, to live with it, to connect with it. And when there are huge changes, that is just life. And maybe you will adapt and maybe you won’t. But we are all spirit too, so it is not like we end. I am a mountain.  I am here. I exist.  And I have seen so many wonders and so many changes. You cannot even imagine.

Mountain goat NatureIMG_0921Aside from just being mountains, remember how we hold lakes and fertile land in our valleys, animals in our embrace.  And nooks and crannies of all sorts.  And for some people, we provide a sense of comfort, of being guarded, of being watched over. We create a nest, a valley of abundance for all life. We have waterfalls.  Water runs over us and down our flanks.  And that feels good to us.  And the snow on our peaks feels good.  And the trees clinging to our flanks.  And other welcome visitors.  The animals that roam.  We are community. All kinds of different communities.

You revel in us, admire us, but you don’t understand and you don’t connect.  You just see beauty. If you could go deeper, you would see wisdom.  You would understand. You would feel us. But even without this, we seem to do something for your soul.

Aside from this message it seems that mountains create wonder and awe in humans.  For some they are likely a balm for their spirit.  For others, they create challenges.  I have found they help me face my fears.

What do mountains do for you?



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