Messages from a Dying Tree

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Have you ever  imagined that you could receive messages from a dying tree?

Messages in Conversation

I was walking in the woods and stopped to look out over the gorge. When I looked back, I was right beside a dead tree and felt called to connect with it. It started a conversation.

I said, “How can you talk to me, you are dead.”

It responded,

“But some of my spirit is still here.  I am still standing.  I serve a purpose in this world too.”

I looked around and saw that there were others in this area. Some had fallen over.

“You have company, some have fallen over.”

“Yes, when we fall over, most of our spirit leaves.”

“What is it like in the spirit world? Are you rooted?  Can you move?”

“We can move more there.  We move around a bit, like in Lord of the Rings. Here we have to be rooted and travel by seed and roots.  Could you imagine what this world would be like if we could wander around? The ecology would be all messed up. We are so important for local regions, for climate, for protection, for wildlife, for fruit and firewood, for beauty, for people’s connection to nature and the landscape.  Movement wouldn’t work tDead tree rev2oo well here – just think of all those highway crossings and other obstacles! In spirit, there is a whole different set of laws on how things work.”

I noticed all the other dead trees and realized they were mostly spruce trees. So why is this area not so good for them? I  don’t know, but this whole conversation opened up my observation skills around what kind of trees are dying. I developed more awareness of the world around me. I also felt like I had gained some wisdom and connection with part of me, and it was fun to use my imagination. And maybe the spirit world is that much different for us too – more free, less rooted.

Messages in Plant Communication

If you would prefer a scientific view of plant communication, it is becoming known that plants are really aware of, and respond to, their environment.  This can be measured through behavior, electrical signals and various chemicals and hormones.  Trees recognize their kin.  Dying trees pass on their knowledge to younger trees in the forest. One method of connection is through soil fungi acting as a network to share nutrition. It is a complex “wood wide web,” which sends messages and warnings back and forth.

Of course, there are all kinds of scientific studies, often disagreeing, which you can investigate if you wish. But who says communication is only by words?  Even for us, what about body language, electrical signals and hormones? Trees can communicate with us too, through similar methods, to improve our health and make us think and feel better. And maybe they can even send us messages to give us a different perspective on our lives.

What do you think?  Do you ever talk to trees to get a different perspective on your life or on the life of the forest?  Or to receive healing? Could this change your view on what it is like for us to die? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. Maggie, I so enjoy your writing and envy you your communication skills with nature.

    Even though I walk most every day in the forest, I confess I’m not usually listening – oops!

    You’ve inspired me to take the time to listen. Perhaps I can have a conversation with the tree spirits also:)

    Appreciate the wake-up call!


    Comment by Martha on January 16, 2016 at 8:08 pm
  2. Maggie, Your way of seeing and communicating with the world is a source off delight to me. Thank you so much for sharing and for inviting us to experience the world in a new way.

    Comment by Marguerite Webb on January 18, 2016 at 2:57 pm