Nature Brings Joy and Love

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Have you ever felt a deep joy and love when connecting with a tree, in nature, or even in the city? Did you have a conversation with it or even feel a difference in your body energy?

A Conversation

I feel very drawn to two pine trees a few blocks from me. I can’t seem to keep myself from visiting them.

So on one visit, I opened and listened.

“We’re beautiful!”

If trees could preen, these two would. It made me smile.

And they are beautiful.  Their profile is wonderful and their leaves seem so soft and flowing.  I feel love and joy when I look at them.  I said, “I feel happy being close to you.”

“You like yourself when you are near us. We like ourselves, so you like yourself.  We can help you.”

So I basked it their presence for awhile. It relieved the loneliness.

On returning to my apartment, I looked up pine trees in a tree medicine book.  The interpretation was that pine trees can help you with self-judgement and being a perfectionist. They promote compassion for self, self-approval, lightness and vitality. In general, pine trees are known as the tree of peace.

Healing in Nature

I heard it said recently that you get to know yourself by communing with nature. Is this not an example? I received a message that I needed to hear, and I didn’t need to open a book, although that was fun too. I think I need to visit these trees often and see what else they have to say, or just to feel them.Two Pine Trees

Trees are good for both our physical and emotional health. I have also found myself wanting to breathe more deeply when I am near them. Apparently forest air can supply us with beneficial bacteria, essential oils and negatively charged ions, all which make us feel better.

All I really know is that I feel a strange love for these trees. There are lots of other evergreens  around, so why these two? Maybe beings of nature call out to us with what we need at the time, if we just open and listen. We can connect and find a friend. We can ease our feelings of isolation. One night I imagined myself lying beneath their boughs in comfort and nurturing, and fell asleep immediately.

Recently, I received a message from them that they would like me to visit.  This made me wonder.  Is there a reciprocal relationship?  Does nature wish to have an exchange of love and respect with us, a positive energy exchange.  Does it feel our gratitude?

I invite you to find a tree that calls to you and open all your senses to receive its messages. Hug it if you can. Sit under it, lean against, whatever you can do.  Just open and receive the nurturing and wisdom.  And if other creatures show up, maybe they have something to tell you too.

Do you communicate with trees?  Do you feel better in a forest?  Do you find comfort and love in your conversations with nature? What experiences have you had? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Ah Maggie, I can feel/hear your pleasure and finding of peace and connection with these two beautiful trees.

    Eager to read more about your connection with them,


    Comment by Martha on February 13, 2016 at 12:11 pm
  2. Maggie– What a deep and inspiring dialogue you’re having with nature’s
    healing agents– trees! Your questions really opened my heart to the experience you’re sharing with us. Please keep on writing and telling us more!

    Comment by Eve Siegel on February 15, 2016 at 12:48 pm