Tree Songs and Community

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Tree and Moon

I came across an interesting concept recently. What if trees are really singing to the world and all we have to do is listen. What if it is not just about the biology and the science, but also relationship and community.  We can tune in using our sense of hearing and open up a new world of exploration and connection.

Maybe trees even talk to us. (more…)

Nature Brings Joy and Love

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Joyful Pine Trees

Have you ever felt a deep joy and love when connecting with a tree, in nature, or even in the city? Did you have a conversation with it or even feel a difference in your body energy?

A Conversation

I feel very drawn to two pine trees a few blocks from me. I can’t seem to keep myself from visiting them.

So on one visit, I opened and listened.

“We’re beautiful!”

If trees could preen, these two would. It made me smile.

And they are beautiful.  Their profile is wonderful and their leaves seem so soft and flowing.  I feel love and joy when I look at them.  I said, “I feel happy being close to you.”

“You like yourself when you are near us. We like ourselves, so you like yourself.  We can help you.”

So I basked it their presence for awhile. It relieved the loneliness.

On returning to my apartment, I looked up pine trees in a tree medicine book.  The interpretation was that pine trees can help you with (more…)

Messages from a Dying Tree

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Have you ever  imagined that you could receive messages from a dying tree?

Messages in Conversation

I was walking in the woods and stopped to look out over the gorge. When I looked back, I was right beside a dead tree and felt called to connect with it. It started a conversation.

I said, “How can you talk to me, you are dead.”

It responded,

“But some of my spirit is still here.  I am still standing.  I serve a purpose in this world too.”

I looked around and saw that there were others in this area. Some had fallen over.

“You have company, some have fallen over.” (more…)

Happiness by Talking to a Tree

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Have you ever thought you might gain some happiness by talking to a tree?  That you could gain wisdom or lighten your mood?

Well, my body really craved a walk the other day.  After aching hours on the computer, it really needed some motion.

My body led me to a beautiful local falls in the small town I recently moved to.  I often get led there, even though the view is the same.

But it really isn’t the same, is it?  I may meet an animal or a person. The lighting may be different. How is the sun shining on the water today? Is there a spray off the falls?   I always notice something different.

And I go into some kind of zone.

I was standing looking at the falls and saw a birch tree in front of me hanging off the edge of the gorge. I decided to (more…)

Plant Communication and Roots

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Root Tenacity

Have you ever thought about plant communication? Have you ever thought about roots? We know they anchor the plant and take up nutrients, but have you ever really looked at where some of them are? Plants and trees grow in all kinds of substrates and what seem like inhospitable conditions. They also communicate with each other.

On one of my walks the tenacity and exploratory nature of roots became really obvious to me. I could see the roots growing down the side of a bank and into the ground again. Trees grow on the sides of rocks and mountains as well.  Is that not amazing?  Why would they choose to grow there – a seed lands and it just starts to grow, with enough sun and water.  It is not thinking – “Oh boy this is a really dangerous place to grow.”  And it can grow to quite an age in these places. (more…)

Plant Communication

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Do you ever talk to plants?  Would you ever admit it? I think lots of people talk to plants.  What about people with green thumbs? I decided to give it a try. Could this plant tell me why it wasn’t doing well?

My mother’s begonia plant was not doing well.  Actually it was my grandmother’s plant too.  I could get cuttings from a friend if I wished. I had been travelling all over with this plant.  I wanted to keep it, to save it. (more…)

Tree Hugging for Health

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Tree hugging for health

When was the last time you really looked at a tree and wondered what it’s life is like? Did you really stop, centre yourself to a place of quietness, and listen to any thoughts or impressions that came into your mind. Did you wonder what it would be like to hug a tree?

I was hugging a cottonwood tree recently because I read that tree hugging is now scientifically validated to be good for your health.  Trees give off vibrations that contribute to our well-being.  So do plants.

You just need to be near them to feel more positive.  So meditating among trees has great benefit.