Animal Messages – Owl Spirit

By: | Posted in: Connection with Animals | Monday, Jan 26, 2015 - 10:30am

Have you ever wondered what messages there might be if you communicated with an owl or another creature? Wouldn’t it be exciting to see what a wise old owl has to say?  About you?  Or about it’s life and environment?

A year or so ago, I was living in a 10 acre remnant of pasture land, grazing land, a land where horses and wildlife had lived.  This area had the beautiful name of Sage Hill.  Noisy and dusty development is going on all around, and it will soon disappear. There were still some wildlife residents, though, including meadow voles, deer, coyotes and various birds.  Four great-horned owls (parents and owlets) were occupying a deserted barn, and hunting on the rest of the property.  I could see them perched on trees and various other platforms. They had nested here for years. (more…)

Healing with Horses
– for horse lovers and novices like me

By: | Posted in: Connection with Animals | Monday, Oct 27, 2014 - 10:30am

Have  you ever wondered what it is about the healing nature of horses? Why do people say they help them with emotional and physical issues?  Does establishing a relationship with them really help people feel more confident?

I went out tonight to the paddock to see the two visiting horses, where I am currently staying. I have not had much to do with horses since I took riding lessons when I was 12 years’ old. I hesitate to say how old I am now but it is many years later.

When the horses first arrived, I was nervous of them. These huge creatures could do great damage. I know you have to be aware, especially if they spook. I volunteered to help out the owner by letting them in and out of the paddock, while she was at school teaching. But I was hesitant.  (more…)