A Poem for Loneliness

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Imagine that it is evening, dark outside, and you are a little restless. What to do to ease the loneliness?  You live where there is winter and cold, but it is calm outside, with gently falling snow. Why not go for a walk?

So I did.  And afterwards I wrote this poem, my first ever. I had been trying to write a poem for days, and it did not come to me until I entered a walk in the dark. And found peace as well. Even snow can talk to you and keep you company, if you imagine.

Peaceful Light

I lie here gently, sparkling, peaceful

no wind, just stillness.

I illuminate the night in white, in silence

but not for long

come daylight, treads will come

to flatten me in jagged rows

or boots will scuff along and leave their mark.

Eventually those blades will

scrape me into heavy piles

pushed aside

in ridges stuck and hard.Loneliness

Unless, I’m lucky,

a wind should blow

carry me to freer places

away from hardened plates of land

to be myself, pristine and quiet

just me,

just snow.

Until it’s spring,

then melting drops

of liquid light.

I may return again one night

to bring white light to ground

maybe fall in forest dark

in peace, without a sound.


So when you are feeling restless or lonely, do you ever think of moving your body, going for a walk? Maybe something creative will arise in you in the process. And creativity makes us feel more connected and whole. Have you experienced this? And I wonder what metaphors are here for our lives?





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  1. Maggie, such a beautiful, image inspiring poem:)

    This phrase especially, “a wind should blow

    carry me to freer places” describes wind in a way I’d never imagined.

    And this one, “… melting drops

    of liquid light!”

    Liquid light! Brings to memory raindrops too, with sunlight shining through them, creating tiny rainbows!

    I trust you’ll continue to write poetry. You write with elegance.

    Thank you for sharing your newly discovered talent,

    Comment by Martha on February 26, 2016 at 7:56 pm
  2. Love this — thanks for sharing this, Maggie.

    Comment by Marguerite Webb on February 29, 2016 at 8:55 pm